Friday, March 26, 2010


On International Day, Japanese girls will wear "YUKATA," that is a traditional cloth in Japan. Some people asked if it is "KIMONO," that is also Japanese typical cloth. It seems to be the same appearance; however, it's different since Kimono has more thickness and it's warm when we wear as it is for winter to celebrate New Year. So, Yukata is more common to wear due to its thinness and easiness to walk around.

The women in the picture below is a model and she wears a modernized Yukata. Normally, we wear "GETA", specific shoes for when we wear yukata, but she uses boots, surprisingly.

Tomorrow, we are going to wear Yukata. Sinece I didn't wear it recently as I came here, I'm looking forward to wearing it. But I'm afraid of wearing it correctly as it's pretty difficult to do. My mother may help me, hopefully.


Alisha Stafford Feitosa said...

You all looked lovely! It was nice to see examples of traditional clothing along with the samples of food, music, and dancing.

ryan said...

may I know the name of the girl in the first picture?