Sunday, April 4, 2010


Recently, in Japan it's popular to wear an one-piece called "Maximum one-piece" as its lengh is pretty long.

Since it makes us look thin when we wear it, many girls in my home country start buying it. One clerk in a famous store for this one-piece mentioned that about 15,000 were sold on the last weekend.

As I'm not in Japan now, I can't buy them, however I want to try it when I'm visiting Japan in the next summer vacation.


Current fashionable hat is called "Kan-Kan-Bou" in Japan. I heard this unique shape of hat is becoming popular around the world.

When I saw a model wearig this hat for the first time, I thought that it's pretty strange. However, I consider it's fashionable and cute as I get used to see this hat.

However, I had never seen such hat in Brazil. My Korean friend said it was famous in Korea, too. I hope I can get one in Brazil or in Japan.

Eye Makeup

Have you ever tried eye makeup?
I think teenage girls in general might give a try once in the past. It really changes our impression since eyes looked pretty different when we made up our eyes.

Some people wear false eyelashes. False eyelashes in the picture above and below are a specific one for models.

What girls normally use are followings:

Eye shadow

Eye liner


It's really interesting to make up. I had never tried false eyelashes...I hope I can try it when I visit Japan in the next vacation.

Friday, April 2, 2010


Happy Easter!

Today I'm going to present about everbody's favorite, CHOCOLATE, especially unique ones, since it is easter.

Chocolate buffet

Have you ever tried? We normally have it with cheese, but recently it's popular to eat chocolate buffet as a dessert. We eat fruits, sweets, etc with melted chocolate. We can do it easily at home.

Samurai castle

The castle in the picture above is a typical castle in Japan. As you expected, all of parts are made of chocolate.

Chocolate fountain

There is a hotel called Bellagio in Las Vegas. In the sweets shop of this hotel, there is a huge chocolate fountain. Unbelevably, there are 5 tons of chocolate.