Thursday, May 13, 2010

Favorite Post

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Best post on my blog: HUGE FOOD

Have you ever tried to eat a gigantic food? Sometimes there are restaurants and shops selling it with advertisement saying "Free if you could finish eating in 30 mins" something like that.

A parfait in the picture above is about 1m, surprizingly. I read the articles written by 2 men that ate this huge parfait. Picture below is the time when they ate "King Parfait" for the first time.

They said that they were shocked by the great hugeness of the parfait. It was 200 dollars. Unbelievably, they finished eating in the end.

I had sometimes eaten "King Parfait" with my friends when I went to a shopping center to play. Of course it's not such huge, it was about 50cm. Even with that, my 5 of us couldn't finish was really enormous, but it was very fun to try to finish eating with talking friends. However, I think I won't try again due to its hardness of eating.

There are also such incrediblly huge foods.

The article said it is actually sold, unbeliebably.

Surprizingly, the huge candies extend to the celling. This is the largest candy shop in New York called "Dylan's Candy Bar." It's very beautiful and very popular among Americans. I want to visit here, once in my life.

Curly Hair

In my home country, Japan, the majority of people have straight hair while many foreign people have curly hair. So, many Japanese girls including me want to give a try being curly hair like a foreigner.

So, recently, many girls have curly hair. I sometimes try to be curly hair, also. However, it's difficult to make curly hair by using hot curllar, indeed. I hope i can improve my skill to make it.

Bob Hair

Around the world, it was popular to have a hair style called "Bob hair" about 1 year ago, but it is still fashionable. I think bob hair is really pretty.

When I checked the pictures of fashion show in Paris in the last year, most of models were bob hair, surprizingly.

In Asia, bob hair also became popular since it makes our face look small and pretty. When I saw pictures sent by my friends in Japan, I was surprized as many friends on picture had bob hair. It was cute and it seemed that bob hair changes the impression of face because I couldn't recognize a person on the picture was my friend.

I'm thinking to cut my hair, but I don't want to be very short hair; nevertheless I feel I want to try this hair style as it is very pretty.