Friday, March 26, 2010


On International Day, Japanese girls will wear "YUKATA," that is a traditional cloth in Japan. Some people asked if it is "KIMONO," that is also Japanese typical cloth. It seems to be the same appearance; however, it's different since Kimono has more thickness and it's warm when we wear as it is for winter to celebrate New Year. So, Yukata is more common to wear due to its thinness and easiness to walk around.

The women in the picture below is a model and she wears a modernized Yukata. Normally, we wear "GETA", specific shoes for when we wear yukata, but she uses boots, surprisingly.

Tomorrow, we are going to wear Yukata. Sinece I didn't wear it recently as I came here, I'm looking forward to wearing it. But I'm afraid of wearing it correctly as it's pretty difficult to do. My mother may help me, hopefully.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Bath Salts

When I was in Japan, I had loved taking bath with spa powder. Since I had played basketball everyday, I was really exhausted all the time when I arrived home. To get rid of my tiredness, I often took bath with bath salts. It relaxed me so much and I loved this time.

Bath salts above are very good to recover people's health. As these bath powder include treatment for our body, they can make us feel better.

There are some interesting bath salts. In the picture below, there are candies as you can see them; however these are also bath salts. Very cute, aren't them? I love such bath salts.

There are also ice cream shaped ones.

I often use them still, but it's almost over since I only know the place to buy them in Japan. So, I'm looking for shops every time when I go to a shopping center. relieve my exhaustion well.

Teddy Bear

Every girl lovs stuffed toy animals. I'm also one of them still because they are very pretty and relax me so much. I love teddy bear, especially.

In fact, I sometimes dream to get an enormous teddy. I imagine to hug it with tackling and jumping. Also, I want to sleep on this teddy bear. Such thing sounds very fun and dreamy for me.

My younger sister is also the one who loves stuffed toy animals so much, especially pigs. She always sleep with her stuffed toy pigs, indeed. She said they make her sleep well.

As well as my sister's case, there are some people who require something to sleep with. My classmate in middle school told me that she couldn't sleep without a comforter. For such people, many companies produce dozens of efficient body pillows.

Body pillows in the picture above are considered pretty comfortable ones to use. Poeple who tried these mentioned that they can sleep well with them. On the one hand, some people choose a comforter by considering efficiency. On the other hand, people including my friends decide to have a body pillow by considering cuteness of appearance such as teddy bear shaped one in the picture below.

There are the other kinds of body pillows more. To be honest, I don't really want to show, but it's true that there are many collectors, especially men, of these pillow in the picture below.

Sorry, but it's true that I only found such pictures of body pillows when I was searching about comforters.


Have you ever tried to eat a gigantic food? Sometimes there are restaurants and shops selling it with advertisement saying "Free if you could finish eating in 30 mins" something like that.

A parfait in the picture above is about 1m, surprizingly. I read the articles written by 2 men that ate this huge parfait. Picture below is the time when they ate "King Parfait" for the first time.

They said that they were shocked by the great hugeness of the parfait. It was 200 dollars. Unbelievably, they finished eating in the end.

I had sometimes eaten "King Parfait" with my friends when I went to a shopping center to play. Of course it's not such huge, it was about 50cm. Even with that, my 5 of us couldn't finish was really enormous, but it was very fun to try to finish eating with talking friends. However, I think I won't try again due to its hardness of eating.

There are also such incrediblly huge foods.

The article said it is actually sold, unbeliebably.

Surprizingly, the huge candies extend to the celling. This is the largest candy shop in New York called "Dylan's Candy Bar." It's very beautiful and very popular among Americans. I want to visit here, once in my life.

Jaoanese Teenage Models

Today I'm going to talk about Japanese teenage models. In Japan there is a very popular magazine called "SEVENTEEN" among teenage girls that is distinctive from SEVENTEEN in U.S. I love reading it so much.

The picture above is one page of the magazine. Models in this picture are the most famous as they work as actresses, too. They are really pretty.

One of them, whose name is Mirei Kiritani, is especially famous as she is very attractive as a model. She is cute, thin, and perfect, from girls' point of view.

In this picture, she is in the middle of models. Can you see how too thin she is? Models in the picture are all thin; however, she is really thinner than the others, obviously.

The picture below is a poster advertising the bikini. She wears a sexy black bikini in this poster. Japanese people think she is sexy and attractive while some foreigners mention she is too thin and unattractive.

In Japan the majority of the girls consider to be thin is to be pretty. In fact, I had believed it when I was in Japan. I think I still believe it, actually, but I knew to be pretty is not being thin since in abroad people also require nice body. It's a huge difference between Japanese models and foreign models.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Wearng too much Makeup

...Are you surprized?? When I saw a girl in the picture above for the first time, I couldn't believe that she is a human being. She is a model called "SAKURINA" in a magazine for gals. Even with a fact that some people, especially mothers, mention her face is weird like a ghost as they using makeup too much, many gals in Japan support her vigorously because they think she is terribly cute. To be honest, I think she is pretty, too. Today I'm going to introduce girls like her who wearing heavy makeup that shocked me very much.

Did you notice a girl in the pictures above are the same? Even though I picked up these pictures from the blog only posting this girl's pictures, I cannot still believe she is the same person. She said, "I wanna get very big eyes...I wish a half of my face were eyes like a doll." What she mentioned when she was interviewed surprized media, of course.

This girl above is also famous as a model for a magazine introducing gals called "Popteen." Many people around 30 or over 30 say such gals are crazy and they look like demons. A woman about 40 years old stated that it was better when they didn't make up. However, I think it's all right and it's better as this makeup suits them from my point of view. But only when it suits, in my opinion.

...Ha-ha. You know? They are also gals, too. Now everyone in Japan thinks it's pretty weird naturally though there had been dozens of such gals about 7 years ago. I heard many girls had liked this style at that time, I don't definitely believe it, though.