Friday, September 25, 2009


As you are in Brazil, of course you know "Feijoada," right?
I like to eat the one made of black beans.

In Japan there is food which has similar appearance of "Feijoada."
But its taste is not like feijoada bacause it is SWEET.
It is called "Oshiruko." It is made from beans paste and rice cake.
We eat it when we celebrate new year. It's very tasty. I remember I ate it in the lunch when I was in juniour high school 2 years ago. I want to eat it again...

Although it is very good, most foreign people don't like it because of its taste.
My English teacher in Japan, who came from U.S.A, said, "Oh, my god!" when she ate it for the first time and she was about to throw up...

She said that it was very strange to eat sweet paste of beans.

In my home country there are also many sweets which use sweet beans' paste to make.

1. Dango (Rice cake covering beans' paste)

There is a proverb says, "Dumplings (Dango) rather than blossoms." Which means, "Bread is better than the song of the birds." I really agree with this sentence. Hahah

2. Anpan (Bread covering beans' paste)

Its inside is like this↓

There is an animation of this bread called "Anpan man."
The main character has anpan as his head.

3. Daihuku (Rice cake covering beans' paste)

It is similar to Dango, but it's different as it doesn't have a spit to gether.

Now there are new types of Daihuku in Japan.

It is called "Strawberry of Daihuku."
Inside of it is beans' paste with strawberry, in fact.

The picture above called "Chocolate of Daihuku."
As you notice, its insie is beans' paste with chocolate.

Finally, it is "Mango of Daihuku."
You know? Its inside is beans' paste with Mango! Oh my god... I never saw it before. I'm honestly not sure it's delicious or not.

If you have interests, please try and tell me it is good or not when you visit Japan.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Today I am going to introduce about "SAMURAI"!

Do you know a movie called "LAST SAMURAI"?

It is a film with TOM CRUISE in the main role!

If you are interested, I hope that you would watch it.
SAMURAI is really cool!
SAMURAI are historical people who existed from 1200 to 1600 in Japan.
They governmentally had a big power at that time.
I think around the world many people know who they are now.
I am quite happy with it!(^0^)

In Japan there are many comics which include some contents of "Samurai".
I think the most popular one is "BLEACH".

I think all Japanese boys know this comic.
My classmates in Japan were crazy of it, in fact. (>0<)
There is also an animation of "BLEACH".
People say it is a cool animation☆
As it is very famous now, there are many people who wore clothes of BLEACH as COSTUME PLAYERS in Japan. (Oh my god!! ゜Д゜)

I heard there are many costume players in France and in U.S.A, too.
Oh, I saw in Brasil, too! \(>v<)/
When I took subway to go Japanese supermarket in Sao Paulo, I looked about 15 people wearing clothes above. Their hairs were cut to have similar hair of characters in BLEACH. Most of them made up their face even boys!
The story of "BLEACH" is for BOYS, so I neither read nor watch it, honestly. (^-^;;)
However, it's true that many girls really love it!
My friend told me that you can watch it on YOUTUBE with English subtitles if you want!

Now, these are pictures of the ruins of SAMURAI castle.
In Japan some ruins of the castle remain to this day.

The following pictures,which I took 2 monthes ago, are the ruins of SAMURAI castle in my hometown!(^0^)/
My house is very close to it! !
In fact, I can see it from the window of my room!
This is a kitchen of castle
This two are shrine to pray as Buddhist
This is a bridge to cross moat
The castle is surraunded by the moat.
The shape of it is a ☆STAR☆!
If you look at it from a spot with a panoramatic view, you can see that the green water makes the shape of star.
Actually, I had climbed up a mountain to see it a lot of times.It was very beautiful.
Especailly, in the spring thousands of Japanese cherry flowers bloom.
It's awesome!!
During the last summer vacation, I went back my home in Japan.
So, I went to see my elementary school, which places on the site of this castle,
for the first time after two years absense in Brasil.
(My elementary school is inside of castle!^0^ kkk)
I laid down on the ground covered by gross. It made me relax and feel free so much.
You know, my hometown places countryside in Japan surraunded by many mountains.
At that time I was just thinking about nothing with looking at the beautiful blue sky. It was a wonderful time. I miss my hometown so much...; - ;
Oh, if you want to visit here, my grand father can guide you! kkk
(He knows almost everything about this castle because he volunteers as a guide for visitors)

Monday, September 14, 2009

(^v^)/ Japanese as a language \(^v^)

This time I really want to present about language in my home country.

Do you know how different English and Japanese are?

Please look at the followings.

-----Do you have to study Math a lot?

When you mention it in the structure of Japanese, you have to say......

-----A lot Math study have to.


Of course, it doesn't make sense in English, but if you say it in Japanse, it really does make sense naturally.

There is a big difference between structure of language in English and that in Japanse, indeed.

Firstly, we don't put question mark at the end of sentence. We always have".", normally.

Secondly, we don't need to say subject such as he or she. I think it is similar to Portuguese.

Thirdly, we always put object, Math, and adverb, a lot, in the beginning of the sentence.

Finally, we put verb, have to study, in the end of the sentence but opposite order.

Language structures

Korean Japanse  

Completely different from the other languages

English Portuguese Chinese

Not all the same but similar

Also, Japanese characters are completely different from English.

Sometimes people ask that Korean and Japanese are similar or not. The truth is, both languages have almost the same structure, however it can be stated that the characters are completely different, indeed.


-Alphabet, 26 characters


-Hiragana, 52 characters

-Katakana (different shape of Hiragana to use for writing foreign language)

-Chinese characters (we use them all the time as we are required in education)

(T0T) Man held over death of 'noisy' sister (;0;)

In my opinion Japan is quite safe. However some terrible murder happen recently such as case that man killed his 'noisy' sister.

The article about this murder said that in Nagoya, one of Prefecture in Japan, police arrested a man who they appeared to have murdered his 20 years old sister because he felt she was making too much noise.

The followings are summary of the article which tells detail of this murder.

Airi, who is his sister, was found on the floor, bleeding her chest and the other places. She was taken to the hospital but was pronounced dead shortly after her arrival.

According to the police, the brother, murderer, was quated by police as saying he had stabbed his sister "because of the noise coming from her room."

Can you believe this murder?
I can't, neither.
However, it is a real case which was occured on September 11.

Such as murder caused by selfish opinion is increasing in Japan now, indeed. Besides there are some crazy people who stabbed citizens randomly because they wanted to try killing once. I have the same nationality that they have but of course I can't believe that and I strongly want to stop what they are doing as a citizen of Japanese.

I remember we didn't have like this horrible case about 5 years ago. We don't know the reason why it is happening. I wish it would be no longer, hopefully.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Food ^0^

Do you know any Japanse food?

I think most people know SUSHI, which is traditional food in Japan. In Brazil there are many sushi restaurant. (It surprized me!) In fact around my house there are three of them. If you have never eaten it, I want you to try as possible as soon.

There are many seafood ingredients for Sushi:



3,Japanese eel



6,Salmon roe


8, Conger

9, A sea urchin

10, Scallop

and also eggs, vegitables... so on. I guess numbers of variety could be more than 100.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

(*^0^*)人(*゜0゜*)        ☆★WELCOME TO MY BLOG☆★        (;0;)人(*^ε^*)

This is a blog that I'm going to introduce my home country, Japan.

I think Japanese culture is quite unique as the cultural difference between Japanese and Brazilian actually suprized me so much when I just came to Brazil.

For instance, traditional clothes...

    Brazil          Japan

I like culture of Brazil and Japan. They are not similar, however both of them are very nice.

So, in this blog I will present you to know unique and interesting culture of Japan with seeing the difference between Japan and the other countries including Brazil.