Saturday, March 20, 2010

Jaoanese Teenage Models

Today I'm going to talk about Japanese teenage models. In Japan there is a very popular magazine called "SEVENTEEN" among teenage girls that is distinctive from SEVENTEEN in U.S. I love reading it so much.

The picture above is one page of the magazine. Models in this picture are the most famous as they work as actresses, too. They are really pretty.

One of them, whose name is Mirei Kiritani, is especially famous as she is very attractive as a model. She is cute, thin, and perfect, from girls' point of view.

In this picture, she is in the middle of models. Can you see how too thin she is? Models in the picture are all thin; however, she is really thinner than the others, obviously.

The picture below is a poster advertising the bikini. She wears a sexy black bikini in this poster. Japanese people think she is sexy and attractive while some foreigners mention she is too thin and unattractive.

In Japan the majority of the girls consider to be thin is to be pretty. In fact, I had believed it when I was in Japan. I think I still believe it, actually, but I knew to be pretty is not being thin since in abroad people also require nice body. It's a huge difference between Japanese models and foreign models.

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