Saturday, March 20, 2010

Teddy Bear

Every girl lovs stuffed toy animals. I'm also one of them still because they are very pretty and relax me so much. I love teddy bear, especially.

In fact, I sometimes dream to get an enormous teddy. I imagine to hug it with tackling and jumping. Also, I want to sleep on this teddy bear. Such thing sounds very fun and dreamy for me.

My younger sister is also the one who loves stuffed toy animals so much, especially pigs. She always sleep with her stuffed toy pigs, indeed. She said they make her sleep well.

As well as my sister's case, there are some people who require something to sleep with. My classmate in middle school told me that she couldn't sleep without a comforter. For such people, many companies produce dozens of efficient body pillows.

Body pillows in the picture above are considered pretty comfortable ones to use. Poeple who tried these mentioned that they can sleep well with them. On the one hand, some people choose a comforter by considering efficiency. On the other hand, people including my friends decide to have a body pillow by considering cuteness of appearance such as teddy bear shaped one in the picture below.

There are the other kinds of body pillows more. To be honest, I don't really want to show, but it's true that there are many collectors, especially men, of these pillow in the picture below.

Sorry, but it's true that I only found such pictures of body pillows when I was searching about comforters.


akig said...

I really love stuffed toy animals(><)♡
Oh,I also love especially pigs♪ I'm sure I'd get on very well with your sister.kkk
Actually,I always sleep with stuffed toy animals^^
In my room, there are a lot of stuffed toy animals♪ They are my treasure(*^^)v kkk

KarinN  said...

Oh...very nice! I know you love pigs! haha