Saturday, March 6, 2010

Wearng too much Makeup

...Are you surprized?? When I saw a girl in the picture above for the first time, I couldn't believe that she is a human being. She is a model called "SAKURINA" in a magazine for gals. Even with a fact that some people, especially mothers, mention her face is weird like a ghost as they using makeup too much, many gals in Japan support her vigorously because they think she is terribly cute. To be honest, I think she is pretty, too. Today I'm going to introduce girls like her who wearing heavy makeup that shocked me very much.

Did you notice a girl in the pictures above are the same? Even though I picked up these pictures from the blog only posting this girl's pictures, I cannot still believe she is the same person. She said, "I wanna get very big eyes...I wish a half of my face were eyes like a doll." What she mentioned when she was interviewed surprized media, of course.

This girl above is also famous as a model for a magazine introducing gals called "Popteen." Many people around 30 or over 30 say such gals are crazy and they look like demons. A woman about 40 years old stated that it was better when they didn't make up. However, I think it's all right and it's better as this makeup suits them from my point of view. But only when it suits, in my opinion.

...Ha-ha. You know? They are also gals, too. Now everyone in Japan thinks it's pretty weird naturally though there had been dozens of such gals about 7 years ago. I heard many girls had liked this style at that time, I don't definitely believe it, though.


Alisha Stafford Feitosa said...

Oh wow. I can see why the first girl can be considered cute, but I totally don't get what the girls in the last picture are trying to do.

KarinN  said...

To be honest, me neither, Ms. I can't understand them even thoug I'm also Jsapanese. However, it was really popular 5 years ago, seriously.