Friday, November 6, 2009

Traveling Japan -Pig-

Okinawa (a prefecture in Japan)
The object in the picture above is exactly a pig as you notice. He is a pig that you may be able to see when you visit Okinawa, a famous island in Japan. (Okinawa prefecture is an island.)Okinawa is one of popular place to travel among Japanese, especially high school students as they ordinally visit there while a school trip. There is a great nature and an unique traditional culture.

Don't you think it's very beautiful? The water seems to be emerald green normally in Okinawa even with its purity.

Since pork is well-known as a food which make our skin sleek in Okinawa, the average of consuming porks is very high. So, the reason why tourists see the pig with decoration many times is that it is one of the symbol represents Okinawa.

As I told above, many people eat porks. However, their traditional way to eat is a bit different from ours. You know? The picture above is TAILs of pigs. The citizens have their meals using tails such a salad without feeling disgusting unbelievably.

Also, they eat SNAKEs as one kind of meat. For instance, there is a restaurant that gives costumors a humbur ger steak using them.

How do you think what it is? Of course, I'm not talking about food anymore. Hahah This is a famous talisman to protect people in Okinawa called "SeeSaa" means lion. This is a picture of a temple in Okinawa. It's not a traditional shape of Japanese temple since the culture in Okinawa is more related to Chinese culture. (Okinawa island is very close to Taiwan and China.) It is an aquarium in Okinawa. It's wonderfully fabulous. There are many huge boxes with the plenty of the water to display many marine organisms. I really love to visit aquarium...


Alisha Stafford Feitosa said...

Reading all of these posts about Japan (by you and a couple other students) is really making me want to visit. But in this case I'm more interested in the pretty water, temple, and aquarium, and less interested in the pork and snakes. :)

KarinN said...

Thank you, Ms. I am waiting for your visit. I heard the taste of SNAKE is strange.

Kim HH said...