Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hot Springs

Do you know hot springs?

The picture above, which looks like a swimming pool, is called "Hot Spring" that is a traditional bath in Japan. This huge bath often placed in the outside as it is made to take bath with beautiful view such as nature. It really reflesh and relax our body. It can be mentioned that there is nobody who hates hot springs in Japan.

Most of Japanese-style inn have such hot springs in general. These inns are normally located in a place being able to see the great nature, especially in such countryside.

(Inside of an inn)

If you visit the inn, you may be able to eat healthy food, which is picture below, that is our typical meal in old days. (Of course we eat them in these days, however it's not really common food to eat as usual.)

Picture above is also our traditional food calld "Tempura." It is fried vegitables and sea food such as shrimp. We eat them with soy-based sauce.

Plenty of hot water in hot springs is pure water heated by magma in deep under ground or in a volcano. So, such hot water is very good for our body as it can make skin smooth and pains such as lower-back pain ease.

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