Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween ~trick or treat?~

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is one of my favorite celebration in a year. At Chapel School on Friday I saw many children wearing pretty costumes as a witch, a ghost, a monster, a skeleton, a devile and so on. They were very cute and looked having fun. When I was in Japan, I had never seen such a pleasant sight during Halloween as we don't ordinally celebrate it. So, I love to see people with such costumes and to feel Halloween's mood.

On Friday during my English class, each student made a poetry. As I remembered elementary students were celebrating Halloween, I decided to compose a poetry about it.

Trick or Treat? Just a second. I give you a story instead of a candy. It is a story related to Halloween. Let me see. Then, listen.

Ghost appeared, in front of a lady. As she screamed, a men came. With a gun he said, "Freeze!" to ghost, likely thief. But ghost approached, so he pulled the trigger.

Ghost wasn't thief. A Japanese boy was dead. As he was beginner of English, he couldn't get what "freeze" meant. The DEATH instead of a CANDY...sad story........

Halloween is a fantasic and a pleasant festival for everyone. However, it reminds me a sad accident every year when this season comes. The poetry above which I made during my English class with Ms. Feitosa describes about the accident happened during Halloween. Because of a misunderstanding as a thief by a man, a high school student boy who came the U.S to learn English was shot unfortunately. As it was Halloween, he just visited their house to receive candies. His name was Hattori. People told he was a very nice boy and was really having fun with the different culture of the U.S from his nation. I can't stop thinking if he could have understood the word that the man said to him or if men could have noticed that he wore costume of ghost for Halloween. If it happened, he hedn't been taken his life.

Language is a great invention of human beings to communicate with the others, but not at all people can speak the same language, of course. Such as the accident above, a lack of language skill might be a big conflict to understand each other and to deal with a complicated situation. In my case, I actually have some problems to go to outside as I'm not good at speaking Portuguese. I had once followed by a strange guy, who looked like a hippie, while walking in a park. Even though it was better not to ignore him to avoid making him mad, I couldn't say anything to that hippie as I couldn't totally understand what he said. Good thing, he didn't have a gun. So, I escaped as a result. However, I really hoped if I could understand. As there is a possibility that he just asked me the way to go somewhere, he might think I, Japanese, was impolite. It is difficult to be a fluent speaker, but I want to learn English and Portuguese more to be good at both of them.

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