Friday, November 13, 2009


Have you ever heard about OPTICAL ILLUSION? It is something such a picture following that tricks your eyes and makes you think you can see something that is not true, or makes you see something as different from what it really is. It's quite interesting, so I decide to write about it today even with my blog title, my home country.

Now, look at the picture below.

How do you think about the darkness of color according to the tile A and the tile B?
Which is deeper?

Majority of people mentions that it's obviously the tile A. At first, I naturally thought so, too. However, the answer is no because their darkness of color is the same, unbeliebably. If you concentrate to see, you may finally get it.
Optical illusion causes when a human brain made a mistake while measuring of distance. When we look at an object, our brain resolves information such a shape, a color, etc. To recognize what the object in front of your eyes is, our cerebrum have to gather these reports. While organizing the information, the misinterpretation of the sensation happens, which is called optical illusion.

Then, please look at the next picture. It is a famous one, so I think many people have ever seen it. You know? You can see both OLD WOMAN and YOUND LADY in this picture, surprisingly.
Did you see? The Old Woman looking to the left with her chin to her chest and the Young Lady looking away from you over right shoulder are in the picture above. If you couldn't, you need to concentrate and think the necklace of young lady is the old woman's mouth or the ear of young lady is the old woman's eye.
There are more optical illusions.
1. Which line is longer?

Answer: They have the same length.

2. Are the horizontal lines below parallel?

Answer: They are all parallel. (If you have any doubts, please try to put rule along these lines.)

3. What does not happen in the reality according to the drawing?

Answer: The water goes up.
4. Is the pattern of leaves moving?
Answer: No. (If you don't think so, please look at each leaf. )

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Alisha Stafford Feitosa said...

The leaf one is crazy. I didn't know what you meant at first because I didn't notice the movement until later.

There's a video on my blog by Dan Ariely, and he talks about a couple of optical illusions at the beginning of his lecture. It's all very interesting.