Saturday, October 10, 2009

Nail Art in Japan

Have you ever tried nail art? I think most women around our age like to take care of nails. In my homecountry, Japan, it is very popular among women to decorate nails with fabulous ornaments. I am one of them who love nail-art in spite of the fact that I am not really good at making pretty nails.

Very cute, isn't it?
These are called "Nail-chip" which we paste on our nails. They are quite usuful as people who cannot let nails grow such as mothers and sportsmen are able to have fun with nail-art.

There is a large variety of nail-chips.

1. Tropical

The artist who made it said that she imagined Hawaii which is a tropical island.

2. Wedding

A butterfly is on her ring finger!

3. Fruits

An strawberry, a kiwi fruit, and an orange are decorations of this nail-chip.

4. Sweets

Can you believe that? Ornaments of doughnuts, cakes, etc are on nail-chips!

5. Sea

Yeah, it reminds me of the sea. Can you see a decoration of shell?

6. Japanese-style

We often wear "Kimono" and "Yukata," which are our traditional clothes, with Japanse-styled nails.

7. Men's

In Japan there are some boys who have such decorated nails, surprizingly! Especially, celebrities and who are the members of a rock band.

8. Character

Isn't it cute? It is a character of an animation.

9. Gorgeous

I heard that it takes 2 to 3 hours to make such as beautiful nails even nail-artists.
Do you know? Who made the nails on the right side is a high school student in Japan. Some Japanese girls has an efficient ability to make. Often It can be more professional than that of nail-artists as they only concentrate on making nails instead of study!


Be careful not to make such...funny nails. These nails are overdone.


In Brazil many people seem to go to a nail-art salon to keep their nails beautifully.
In Japan most people care their nails themselves, but there are wondrful nail-salons. Especially, in Tokyo there are really professional nail-artists in the salon.
The nail-chips which nail-artists made are original, modern, and unique.

Materials to decorate

In Japan there are many ornaments to decorate our nails. The pictures above are seals that have the shape of flowers, shyiny stones, and fine sand. These are very useful as we can put them on our nails easily. And they are cheap! I think they are about 3 to 4 reals. Despite the low price, our decorated nails using these ornaments look very gorgeious.


Alisha Stafford Feitosa said...

These are really interesting. I think I like the sweets the best, but I don't know how I'd ever begin to try and make something like this.

KarinN said...

In Japan there are meny ornaments to decorate our nails easily. For instance, you can put a decoration of sweets on your nail with a specific glue. It is really easy to do. However, in Brazil there are not such as things. So, I want you to try when you visit Japan, if possible. Or I can get for you when I visit Japan in the next summer vacation.

Anonymous said...

ahaha! im really interested in this kind of things! Also, I like your nail! hehe

KarinN said...

Thank you Mari! hehe^^ I like your nail, too!