Saturday, October 17, 2009

School Uniform

Have you ever worn a school uniform? Around the world uniforms are worn in many schools. They might make uniforms to show society that they maintain discipline or to make people think that they want to enter the school because the uniform is great. (When I was in Japan, my friend entered a private school because the uniform of this school was very cute, indeed.) In our Chapel School children wear uniforms, too. I guess Most girls in teenage dream to have a school uniform. In my home country, Japan, it is really normal to wear an uniform at school. Recently, school uniform is considered as a part of fashion. People around our age always think about how to coordinate their uniform well even boys. So, uniform in Japan is very fasionable and modern now.

UK, India, Korea, Australia, Hong Kong, and Japan are the countries which most schools in that area have a uniform. Of course, their uniforms are different and the types of them vary from school to school.

In my home country, Japan, uniform is rich in variety.

1. Simple

Yeah, it is really simple...a white tie and a black skirt.

2. Sailor

This type of uniform is very famous in Japan. Most girls love to wear these uniforms. Mari in 10th grade, a Japanese girl, and I were used to wear such uniform when we were in Japan. It is called "Sailor uniform," we normally wear at school, though.

3. Blazer

It is also a popular design of uniform in Japan. We wear a T-shirt inside of jacket, a ribbon (or a tie), and a skirt which has a pattern of check.

This is a blazer for boys.

4. Uniform for children in a kindergarden

So cute, isn't it??

5. Winter

They look warm...nice couple!

6. Summer

They look cool...! The last picture (the right one) is......of cource, I'm kidding. Hahah
But on the internet who introduced this school uniform type of bikini said that it could be a uniform at school. Oh my god...!

7. Missionary

This uniform is for the students who is going to a missionary school. This school is only for girls.

Most middle schools and high schools require us to wear uniforms. Students have to wear everyday. Certainly they cannot wear whichever they want. However, it is a fact that people like to wear uniforms because they don't need to choose which they wear when they are lazy and most school uniforms are cute.

As it is really common to wear school uniform, some magazines introduce uniforms which are fashionable and how to coordinate them.

This is a magazine called "Seventeen." In the U.S there is also "Seventeen," but it is different.

The models present how to coordinate well and how to wear to make people think that they are good style and thin.

And, there is a fashion show for school uniform! It's wonderful!

There are many stores which sell school uniforms around Japan.

Girls love to go uniform stores.

In such shops, there are many kinds of ribbon.

My friends in Japan love to collect these ribbons. Hahah

There are many people who wore a uniform to have even though it is a cloth to wear at school.

1. Cosplay

She is pretending to be a character in an animation.

2. Boys...??

Oh nooo.....! Did you notice? Both people in the picture are men! During the school festival or something interesting, there are often some boys who wore girl's uniform, in fact.


akig said...

Hi♪ School uniform!!What a nostalgic sound(><)
When I was in Japan, I wore blazer with red ribbon as a school uniform^^ I think the first picture is really similar. My school's uniform was changed since I entered a school. So, we were the first students who wore that school uniform☆ Our seniors envied us ^^ kkk
I have never worn sailor. I envy you(><) I want to wear it someday!

Alisha Stafford Feitosa said...

Interesting to hear that uniforms are popular and that people actually want to wear them in Japan. (I don't blame them, they are cute, and it does seem easier than having to pick out clothes everyday).

The last school I taught at had uniforms, too, but most of the kids hated wearing them, even though I thought they looked nice.

KarinN said...

To Aki: Oh, as I never tried blazer, I prefer it to sailor. Hahah I wanna try it someday, too. kkk

To Ms. Feitosa: Oh really? That's also interesting to hear. In St.Nicholus (a British School in Sao Paulo) there is school uniform, too. I remember some people like, but some people dislike it even it is cute.