Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Today I am going to introduce about "SAMURAI"!

Do you know a movie called "LAST SAMURAI"?

It is a film with TOM CRUISE in the main role!

If you are interested, I hope that you would watch it.
SAMURAI is really cool!
SAMURAI are historical people who existed from 1200 to 1600 in Japan.
They governmentally had a big power at that time.
I think around the world many people know who they are now.
I am quite happy with it!(^0^)

In Japan there are many comics which include some contents of "Samurai".
I think the most popular one is "BLEACH".

I think all Japanese boys know this comic.
My classmates in Japan were crazy of it, in fact. (>0<)
There is also an animation of "BLEACH".
People say it is a cool animation☆
As it is very famous now, there are many people who wore clothes of BLEACH as COSTUME PLAYERS in Japan. (Oh my god!! ゜Д゜)

I heard there are many costume players in France and in U.S.A, too.
Oh, I saw in Brasil, too! \(>v<)/
When I took subway to go Japanese supermarket in Sao Paulo, I looked about 15 people wearing clothes above. Their hairs were cut to have similar hair of characters in BLEACH. Most of them made up their face even boys!
The story of "BLEACH" is for BOYS, so I neither read nor watch it, honestly. (^-^;;)
However, it's true that many girls really love it!
My friend told me that you can watch it on YOUTUBE with English subtitles if you want!

Now, these are pictures of the ruins of SAMURAI castle.
In Japan some ruins of the castle remain to this day.

The following pictures,which I took 2 monthes ago, are the ruins of SAMURAI castle in my hometown!(^0^)/
My house is very close to it! !
In fact, I can see it from the window of my room!
This is a kitchen of castle
This two are shrine to pray as Buddhist
This is a bridge to cross moat
The castle is surraunded by the moat.
The shape of it is a ☆STAR☆!
If you look at it from a spot with a panoramatic view, you can see that the green water makes the shape of star.
Actually, I had climbed up a mountain to see it a lot of times.It was very beautiful.
Especailly, in the spring thousands of Japanese cherry flowers bloom.
It's awesome!!
During the last summer vacation, I went back my home in Japan.
So, I went to see my elementary school, which places on the site of this castle,
for the first time after two years absense in Brasil.
(My elementary school is inside of castle!^0^ kkk)
I laid down on the ground covered by gross. It made me relax and feel free so much.
You know, my hometown places countryside in Japan surraunded by many mountains.
At that time I was just thinking about nothing with looking at the beautiful blue sky. It was a wonderful time. I miss my hometown so much...; - ;
Oh, if you want to visit here, my grand father can guide you! kkk
(He knows almost everything about this castle because he volunteers as a guide for visitors)

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Alisha Stafford Feitosa said...

Beautiful. I love cherry blossoms. Your blog and Mari's are making me want to visit Japan more and more.