Friday, September 25, 2009


As you are in Brazil, of course you know "Feijoada," right?
I like to eat the one made of black beans.

In Japan there is food which has similar appearance of "Feijoada."
But its taste is not like feijoada bacause it is SWEET.
It is called "Oshiruko." It is made from beans paste and rice cake.
We eat it when we celebrate new year. It's very tasty. I remember I ate it in the lunch when I was in juniour high school 2 years ago. I want to eat it again...

Although it is very good, most foreign people don't like it because of its taste.
My English teacher in Japan, who came from U.S.A, said, "Oh, my god!" when she ate it for the first time and she was about to throw up...

She said that it was very strange to eat sweet paste of beans.

In my home country there are also many sweets which use sweet beans' paste to make.

1. Dango (Rice cake covering beans' paste)

There is a proverb says, "Dumplings (Dango) rather than blossoms." Which means, "Bread is better than the song of the birds." I really agree with this sentence. Hahah

2. Anpan (Bread covering beans' paste)

Its inside is like this↓

There is an animation of this bread called "Anpan man."
The main character has anpan as his head.

3. Daihuku (Rice cake covering beans' paste)

It is similar to Dango, but it's different as it doesn't have a spit to gether.

Now there are new types of Daihuku in Japan.

It is called "Strawberry of Daihuku."
Inside of it is beans' paste with strawberry, in fact.

The picture above called "Chocolate of Daihuku."
As you notice, its insie is beans' paste with chocolate.

Finally, it is "Mango of Daihuku."
You know? Its inside is beans' paste with Mango! Oh my god... I never saw it before. I'm honestly not sure it's delicious or not.

If you have interests, please try and tell me it is good or not when you visit Japan.


Alisha Stafford Feitosa said...

The pictures look beautiful. I'm curious to try it, but also maybe a little scared.

KarinN said...

I hope that you would like it. I think it is quite delicious, but I am not sure that foreign people like this kind of taste, honstly.

mari said...

I want to eat these....................................... I miss Ichigo Daihuku...^^/