Monday, September 14, 2009

(^v^)/ Japanese as a language \(^v^)

This time I really want to present about language in my home country.

Do you know how different English and Japanese are?

Please look at the followings.

-----Do you have to study Math a lot?

When you mention it in the structure of Japanese, you have to say......

-----A lot Math study have to.


Of course, it doesn't make sense in English, but if you say it in Japanse, it really does make sense naturally.

There is a big difference between structure of language in English and that in Japanse, indeed.

Firstly, we don't put question mark at the end of sentence. We always have".", normally.

Secondly, we don't need to say subject such as he or she. I think it is similar to Portuguese.

Thirdly, we always put object, Math, and adverb, a lot, in the beginning of the sentence.

Finally, we put verb, have to study, in the end of the sentence but opposite order.

Language structures

Korean Japanse  

Completely different from the other languages

English Portuguese Chinese

Not all the same but similar

Also, Japanese characters are completely different from English.

Sometimes people ask that Korean and Japanese are similar or not. The truth is, both languages have almost the same structure, however it can be stated that the characters are completely different, indeed.


-Alphabet, 26 characters


-Hiragana, 52 characters

-Katakana (different shape of Hiragana to use for writing foreign language)

-Chinese characters (we use them all the time as we are required in education)


Alisha Stafford Feitosa said...

This is so interesting to me. From what I've heard about Japanese and what little I've learned about Turkish, I hear that the two languages are very similar in structure. I know that they put the verb at the end in Turkish sentences, too.

KarinN said...

Oh, I heard that Turkish is similar, too. My Turkish friend also said it was too difficult to learn English because the structure was quite different. I hope I can improve my English skill more in this year.